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There are many exceptional students who deserve to attend college. Some parents start saving early

but with the landscape of our economy; most of us don’t stand a chance of having the bulk of the cost

put away. Dexter and I were those parents. After unexpected surgeries and job changes, we dipped

into our retirement funds and monies stashed away for our son’s post high school dreams.

During Josh's 10th grade year, we started researching scholarships and scheduling college visits. I

remember sitting in one university's information session and hearing the total amount to attend-68,975 per year!


I blanked out; the rest of the session was a blur to me!

When we returned home, we had a come to Jesus meeting. Our task was to compose a spreadsheet

which included 7 key decision-making categories along with National scholarships, private and local

scholarships, ranging from $500 to $100k. We explored them all! Josh took the necessary steps and

submitted applications, some which required essays. His commitment and sacrifices paid off. He was

awarded over 1.2 million in offerings! Josh was the first student in the Paulding County Georgia School

District to receive The Posse Scholarship! He is currently a Junior at Texas A&M University. 


"Having the opportunity to be guided through the college process has been a blessing. The wealth of information and dedication provided is invaluable. It has been a pleasure working with you! I highly recommend Limitless Scholars."

Vivian A.


"Preparing your kid for college is more than a notion. I had some idea but didn't imagine all the information on  the application process and scholarships.  Then I met Samenthia with Limitless Scholars. What a God send! After our first conversation I knew she was a blessing from above.  I learned more in 30 minutes than I could've imagined. The best advice day one was to set up an email just for college information .  Her dedication and commitment to helping parents and students is amazing. Her communication is top notch. Follow up is on point.  Limitless scholars is most resourceful. There's a freeing feeling knowing you have someone to support and help you during this overwhelming and sometimes stressful time.
I am so grateful our paths connected." THANK YOU! 

Audrey W.


"I was informed by Limitless Scholars of the advantages of dual enrollment in high school. This knowledge was extremely helpful as my family begins our college search for my daughter."

Alicia M. 


Let us assist you as you start to plan for college. We can walk you through the journey. We have listed a few of our most popular services below. Contact us for your personalized consultation. 


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